Release Notes


  • Fix assembling images from an extra_data StackView object (PR #67).



  • Fix module orientation for AGIPD 500k detector (PR #41).


  • New position_modules_symmetric() method to assemble data with the detector centre at the midpoint of the output array (PR #31).

  • New offset() method to move part or all of a geometry in 2 or 3 dimensions (PR #27).

  • New function agipd_asic_seams() to select or mask the double-width pixels where AGIPD tiles touch.

  • Examples in documentation rearranged and improve (PR #32, PR #36).

  • CI moved to Github Actions (PR #34) and integrated with Dependabot to control new versions of dependencies (PR #35).


  • Added support for AGIPD ‘mini-half’ detector (8 modules) - see AGIPD-500K2G (PR #26).

  • Added methods to write XFEL HDF5 geometry files and get quadrant positions from geometry objects (PR #24).

  • Fixed y-axis scale in metres for plotting DSSC data (PR #23).

  • Faster image assembly with less overhead (PR #16).

  • Allow parallel image assembly using a thread pool (PR #17), which can speed up assembling several images to a single 3D array.


  • Added support for pnCCD detector (PR #13).



First separated version. No functional changes from karabo_data 0.7.

Earlier history

The code in EXtra-geom was previously released as karabo_data, up to version 0.7. See the karabo_data release notes for changes before the separation.